Journal History

Journal Otorhinolaryngologica indonesiana was launched for the first time in March 1970 by presenting 3 articles. The publishing license for ORLI was granted by the The Department of Information of The Republic of Indonesia no. 0797/SK/Dir.P.K./SIT./1969.
The Chief Editors of the Journal was Lieutenant Colonel Soelarjo, MD, the Head of Ear, Nose and Throat Department in The Central Army Hospital and dr. Karmini, ENT specialist. ORLI secretariat resided at the Ear, Nose and Throat Department of TjiptoMangunkusumo Central Hospital, Jakarta. The first three articles published were: 1) Laryngis Trauma, 2) Progress ReportinTympanoplastyand, 3) Carcinoma Larynx.
After one year dormant, ORLI Journal came out again in 1972 by publishing3 articles. The Chief Editors was dr. Soewito, ENT Sp,and dr. SoenartoENT Sp, while the Editorial Board were dr. SoeharsoDj., dr. Soetomo N., dr. Soetarno A., dr. I. B. Agung, dr. Poernaman S. Pandi, dr. ChasanBoesoiri, dr. Hoedijono, dr. P. Siregar, dr. Soewito.
Then, ORLI secretariat was in the Ear, Nose And Throat Department of Gadjah Mada University Hospital, in Mangkuwilajan, Yogyakarta. The published articles were: 1) The Use of Masking inPure tone Audiometry, 2) Speech Audiometry and Gajah Mada P.B. List,and 3)Septum Nasal Surgery using“Maxilla-prae-maxilla” Approach.
In 1977, under Chief Editor dr. SoenartoENT Sp, ORLI Journal was published again with 8articles.The Editorial Board were DR. Poernaman S. Pandi, dr. P. Siregar, dr. IwinSoemarman, dr. AdeninAdenan, dr. Sedjawidada, dr. Soetomo, dr. NusjirwanRifki, dr. I.B. Agung, and dr. Soenarto. The topic of the articles were: 1) Frontal Mucocele Surgery, 2) Inverted Papilloma Nasi and Sinus Paranasalis, 3) Rhinolithiasis, 4) Nose Reconstruction Surgery with “Cottle” maneuver, 5) X-Ray mucous membrane functional test, 6)TB Manifestation in Ear, Nose and Throat, 7) DuctusThyroglossus Cyst, and 8) The Impact of Daily Noise Pollution towards the Increase of Ear Hearing Threshold of the Elderly. 
ORLI Journal has a goal for ENT specialists, medical students, health students.

To improve ORLI accreditation. The editor's team has edited the article according to the requirements of the DIKTI. so that since 2016, the ORLI journal has published 12 articles. EBCR as a method for reporting a case with evidence incited in new guidelines. Institutions are encouraged to submit research articles and articles that meet the requirements (content, statistics, and new things) will be selected by the editor. ORLI received B accreditation in 2013 and submitted again in 2018 to get Sinta 2 accreditation.
Accredited (2018-2023) by the Directorate General of Research and Development Strengthening of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (No:21/E/KPT/2018).